Just a thought…

We will never be here again, exactly as we are right now. Are we grateful? Are we present in the moment? Amongst my planning, worrying and running…. do I get that?

As the Eagles say, “We may lose or we may win, but we will never be here again…” Yup, pretty much.  This is my life right now; this is your life right now.. all of the things we keep talking about doing/wanting to do/coming up… not here yet. 

Today is.

How am I today? Have I smiled at anyone? Made anyone else laugh, smile? Smiled to myself thinking of how lucky I am at this moment?

Rich & I went for a run this morning up around the hills near his house in Christchurch… sea level to 500m.  He was jogging easily & gracefully up the trail as I was huffing, puffing, dying, stopping, walking, reminding myself that this is good for me…. not particularly excited about being in the presently painful (and embarrassing) moment…

But, really….

Can I not be thankful for… lungs that work enough to drive me crazy? Legs that burn while propelling me forward? Having a vacation so good that I need to get back in shape from? A running partner patient enough to put up with my currently minimal fitness level?  


It really is good for the soul. 

And… it’s a damn good view once you get to the top of that hill 😉